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Thread Lift

Thread Lift from £2,045

Thread Lift is a minimally invasive treatment for lifting the loose and sagging skin of the face and performed under local anaesthetic taking about 45 minutes, after which patients are able to walk out of the clinic and return home.

As we age, changes in the collagen and elasticity of our skin, combined with loss of fat and muscle laxity leads to the hollowing and sagging of the skin creating a tired and aged appearance. Thread lift uses thin threads which are inserted under the skin to lift and reposition the loose skin and then secured with small anchors. Both the threads and anchors are bio absorbable, meaning that the body naturally absorbs them over a period of 12 – 18 months.

Some of the areas that can be treated are as listed below

  • Crows Feet: including lines coming down to cheeks.
  • Lip Lines: peri oral
  • Upper face: Cheek lift, under eyes & nose to mouth lines.
  • Mid Face: Cheek lift, cheek lines, under eyes, nose to mouth lines.
  • Lower Face: Jawline lift, Lip Lines, mouth area, jowls & marionette lines.
  • Neck: Jawline, chin & neck.

There are several lengths of thread and depending on the result required multiple threads may be required. The consultant will advise of the specific requirements when conducting the initial consultation.

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Thread Lift Glasgow

Thread Lift Scotland


Prices from £2,045 – £2,845

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