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Ear Surgery

When it comes to ears, their shape, size or positioning can have a significant impact on someone’s confidence in their appearance. Ear reshaping is commonly known as Otoplasty, and the procedure has continued to develop over recent years, as historically it was simply seen as surgery to correct ears that “stuck out too much”, especially in children.

Ear reshaping surgery is now much more advanced and is now a surgical procedure that is carried out to reduce the size of the ears, change the shape the ears, or to adjust the position of ears so they sit closer to the side of the head.

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Ear Surgery Glasgow

Ear Surgery Scotland

The Procedure

Normally a small incision is made behind the ear to expose the ear cartilage after which the surgeon is able to remove pieces of the cartilage. The surgeon will then adjust the remaining structure into the desired shape and position. The incision will then be closed by stitching. As the scar is behind the ear it is not normally visible.

The procedure usually takes one to two hours in our clinic and if local anaesthetic or sedation is used, you are normally able to go home after a few hours.

Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair is a simple procedure to correct earlobes that have split, ripped or torn and/or stretched earlobes which may be the result of tribal piercings or years of wearing heavy earrings. The practice of ‘tribal’ piercing has some historical and cultural background, however in recent years it has become a fashion trend amongst certain groups. Unfortunately, the resulting stretched earlobes can become unsightly and sometimes can become an obstacle for individuals in their personal life or career, or fashion may simply change.

Our consultants can also offer earlobe reduction procedures to re-shape and re-size the fleshy lobe part of the ear, which can sometimes enlarge or sag with age.

The procedure undertaken will depend on the state of your lobes and your desired results. It is straightforward surgery and will normally be done under local anaesthetic. The procedure takes around 30 minutes to perform.

If your lobes are torn or split then they can be stitched up and / or reshaped as required.

For those with stretched or tribal ear lobes the procedure will depend on the extent to which the lobes are misshapen. Minimal stretching of up to 10mm may be able to be rectified with a few stitches. If the surface area which is misshapen is larger this will require for the excess flesh to be removed before they can be reshaped.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic or sedation and you can normally leave the clinic a few hours after treatment.

Your consultant will advise you about any scarring issues and when you can have your ears pierced again should you wish to do so.


  • Otoplasty from £3,100 – £5,900
  • Earlobe Repairs from £650 – £2,500

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