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About Us

About Us

Expression Facial Surgery are an independent team of cosmetic surgeons based in Glasgow who focus entirely on facial surgery, meaning you have access to some of the most experienced facial surgery consultants in Scotland.

Our consultants offer specialised services that are tailored to the individual and their specific issues. For many surgical procedures, we are able to offer walk in – walk out day case surgery as many treatments are performed under Local Anaesthetic and Conscious Sedation, which allows patients to recover more quickly post operatively.

All day case procedures will be carried out at Elanic’s state-of-the-art-clinic in Bath Street, Glasgow.

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Consultant led

In conjunction with our partners at the Elanic clinic, Expression Facial Surgery provides a consultant led service, which means you will always see an experienced consultant from the outset, not a patient coordinator or sales staff.

Facial Surgery Clinic Glasgow


All our surgeons are based in Glasgow and the surrounding area which means all treatments and follow-ups can be done locally, with no need to travel to clinics out with the area. In the very rare case where you have an immediate concern and your consultant is unavailable you will have access to one of their colleagues, which is a true benefit of our team approach.


Our consultants never compromise on quality of care but our pricing policy is always competitive offering excellent value.

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Whatever concern you may have you can contact us on 0141 328 3135 at our Glasgow clinic or simply complete an Enquiry Form.

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